Is there a way for users to partner with you?

Yes! Send us a note and let us know what you have in mind. We are always looking for social media partners.

How does the app work?

To begin with, set-up your profile and be sure to tag yourself with as many tags that you can think apply to you based on the question asked. Then, you can search for some of your most beloved or hated products and leave reviews. Finally, click on the "Fair Picks" icon at the bottom of the app to get your own Fair Pick in each category!


Why aren't all my favorite products in the app?

We are just getting started, so we have some kinks! Not all products are in the app yet, but we are adding more every single day. If you have specific products you want added to the app, just email and we will get them added.


My "Fair Pick" didn't work for me, now what?

Shoot! Sorry we messed up on that one. The best way to solve this issue is to review the product that didn't work and give it the "Don't like" rating. Then, it will be removed from your Fair Picks and better options will pop up! We promise we will keep getting better!


I want to be a Top Reviewer, how does that happen?

Our "Top Reviewers" section is based on the people who do the most quality product reviews. We love when our top reviewers tag products and leave a review - and even post their own images! Oh, we also especially love when we get shout outs on social media. We try and return the favor for our Top Reviewers!


Are you accepting bloggers to write for you?

Yes! We are always looking for bloggers who want to be featured. Just send us your blog, contact information, and the images that go along with your post. If chosen, we will let you know via email. We will also link back to your Instagram account, blog, etc. Just email us!