Top 5 Face Masks for Valentine's Day

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day at home in a bubble bath or out on the town with a hot date. We have rounded up the perfect face masks to help you with the occasion.

Of course, since it is for Valentine’s Day, these masks all fit the color scheme.

Our number 1 pink for a Valentine’s Day skincare mask is the Boscia Luminizing PINK Mask. This hot pink peel-off mask will get you in the mood for whatever your plans may be just with it’s color. This mask will help minimize large pores, control oil and brighten the color of your face just in time for your special day.

Our second best mask for Valentine’s Day comes from Glow Recipe. Their Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask would be the perfect mask to lounge around in all night at home or sleep in the night before a hot date. Check out this review from one of our users in the Fair Pick Beauty App:

Glow Watermelon Mask Review.jpg

No matter your needs for Valentine’s Day, this watermelon-smelling glow-inducing mask is a must have!

This mask is potent and an absolute necessity! #3 on our Valentine’s Day Mask list is TLC’s Sukari Babyfacial mask. Our users have tagged this app as “amazing”, “instant results”, “brightens”, “exfoliates”, “smooths skin” and more! If you want to see if this mask would be a good match for your skin care needs, check out it’s ranking for you in the app!

#4 on our lists is one of those masks that everyone has heard of, but not everyone has tried! So, if you are one of the many that hasn’t tried this Purifying Pink Clay Mask - NOW IS THE TIME! This would be a great mask if you were going through a breakup and feel like your skin needs a good purge of all the toxins he left behind. Let’s get rid of him, ladies!

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Last on our list of Valentine’s Day Beauty Masks is this fresh Rose Face Mask. We all deserve a rose on Valentine’s Day and this is probably the best one you’ll get all day long. This mask can help do away with redness, dry skin, rough patches and more! Our users also swear by its instant results and hydration. Need a rose? Give this one a try!

Thanks to all our beauty lovers for reading up on our favorite Valentine’s Day Masks! If you have more to add to our list, be sure to leave a comment below of some of your favorites. Talk soon! XoXo