If I bought my face wash based on packaging...

Let's be honest, good packaging is where it's at right now! We are watching skincare lines skyrocket in sales because they come out with trendy new packaging that influencers want on their social media feeds. There are so many brands making a killing because their products look good. The main reason good packaging has such high affects on purchasing power is because of social media. Social media is changing the way we shop and the reasons we want to buy products. So, next time you subconsciously double tap a product pic on Instagram, let me know if you pay a second attention to that same product when you go to buy something new! 

When you think about it, it sounds absolutely insane. We, as consumers, are buying products based on what they look like instead of if they work or not. As crazy as it sounds, it doesn't mean it won't subconsciously change your mind when you go to buy your new face wash. So, for fun, here are my top 5 face washes if I were to buy based on packaging:

Clearly, I have a type. But, I still need to buy based on what will work for me... so I'll check my Fair Pick. Happy picking!