Is Instagram doing your shopping for you?

We all love a good Insta pic. And, we especially all love a good Insta pic that a Bachelorette shares (lookin' at you JoJo)... but does that mean it is the best for us? It quite possibly might be! But...


Do yourself a favor and just double check. Double check that what everyone is sharing, talking about and is all over your social media is actually what is best for you. Sometimes we get so caught up in a pretty picture we forget what to look for beyond that. We forget that we aren't paying for that pretty picture, we are paying for the product. And, we desperately want sometimes need that product to work. 

Some of my favorite beauty products make me happy because their packaging alone is beautiful (cough, cough SUNDAY RILEY). If it weren't for social media showcasing me their UFO Acne Face Oil, I would have never known about it. Sadly, it doesn't work for me.... but that doesn't mean it won't work for other people. We all have unique skin! 

All's well that ends well, my friends. Get the app and know your Fair Pick.