Influence Yourself

Day in and day out we are all bombarded with products on social media, the TV, podcasts, magazines and more! We get told what to buy before we get asked what we want or need. While I am 100% a victim of this and sometimes enjoy being influenced by famous people and Bachelorettes, I can also recognize that I have yet to find a damn face wash that takes care of my acne. So... sumtin's gotta give


New motto:

Start influencing your own damn self!

When you open up the Fair Pick app, you are immediately asked about you. You aren't asked who you want to follow, or look like, or be like, or be influenced by. You are asked about YOU... because at the end of the day, YOU are who matters. And, YOU are unique.

Then, without bias, the Fair Pick app tells you what product will help you. Not because the company is paying for you to be told this, not because it is the most recognizable name, but because we genuinely believe your Fair Pick was influenced by you, FOR YOU.  

Be your own influencer - get your own answers