"I want to be a beauty influencer."

Don't we all, girlfriend, don't. we. all.?

I mean who doesn't want 1,000s of likes on every selfie, 100s of 1,000s of followers and so many free beauty products you start giving them away to friends and family!? Ain't that the dream?

The piece of the pie that so many aspiring beauty influencers don't see is the hard work and daily grind that goes into creating a following, testing and reviewing products and then getting people to see that you mean business! 

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Stop being just another aspiring Instagram influencer, change the way you review and download the Fair Pick app. We are here to highlight top reviewers so companies can easily find who is doing the most reviews of their products. Companies want people to review their products so they can continually get better. But, they also want top reviewers. Fair Pick has made it easy for you to get in front of them and be rewarded for your opinions. 

Fill out your product reviews on our app and become a Top Reviewer. Our Top Reviewers will be shared on our social media sites, pushed to companies and more! 

Let's start your influencer journey together, on Fair Pick

Peyton Zerrusen